Video Upscaling via

Teranex Processor

Full HD
Different sizes according to resolution
Different types of video resolution exists that defines the overall size and the quality of a video image in terms of Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Sharpness, Motion...  Since tapes are analogue media and the objective resolution would be 720x480 with 29.97fps through basic digital capture equipments. In that case the desired resolution of HD standard 720p/1080p cannot be achieved because of the nature of the format. And upscaling using software is not an option as the cross format conversion from Interlaced to Progressive won't give optimal results.
To achieve highest possible quality from the Analogue & SD source, the signal is passed through TERANEX processor which can do multiple Format Conversion, Cross Conversion and standard conversion without loss in overall image quality which cannot be achieved in software based upscaling. The usual standard conversions are 1080p 24fps or 60fps. Important to not that the Interlaced source is converted to Progressive in which the 'jaggie' and 'blurriness' are eliminated and also with the de-interlace that performed by the hardware itself.
And the result, Analogue video will have a new refreshing look than it was earlier. So those converted videos are highly compatible that can be added into a project or existing project that contains HD material with particular Resolution and Frame rate. Hence it is also easy to match the current footage that was taken or shot from the Digital cameras in Digital format.
What TERANEX does with the upscaling process is that with its own built-in algorithm and de-interlacing techniques, gives optimal results with  with very less artifacts with less noise that usually occurs while cross conversion. 

Standard Conversions

'Overscan' lines and Black lines around the corners of the Digitized that usualy appear in 8mm tapes and VHS will be removed

effectively for a cleaner look at the final image.



Tapes like Video8 or 8mm, Hi8, Vhs, SVhs, VHS-C, etc.,  are Analog format, but those will be captured via Digital Devices in DV format for lossless output, without losing image quality. Hence the captured resolution will be 720x480 NTSC DV being a standard resolution even though the original resolution of those tapes are lesser than that.

Videos burnt to DVD as DVD-Video will play in any DVD Player as well as in PC and Mac. Two hours of video can be fit on to a DVD without loss in the video quality. Our DVD's are branded, reliable and sturdy, won't give any issues while playing. Format could be 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio and NTSC or PAL format depending on the source. Cross conversion from NTSC/PAL to either way is also  possible.

To preserve a  HD content without degrading or loosing the resolution and quality, the video has to be burnt to a Blu-ray disc. A Blu-ray Video disc is capable of holding Full HD video in 1920x1080 pixels. This will play in any Blu-ray players and in Desktops as well.

Alternatively, video or data can also be stored in those discs as data format as Blu-ray discs are tent to last longer than hard drives. Disc sizes come as 25 GB (single-layer), 50 GB  (dual-layer), 100/128 GB (BDXL).

50GB Dual Layer is being industry standard. It's same as storing files in a hard drive and can be accessed in any desktops.

Audio Cassette and Micro cassette tapes are passed through professional 'Dolby B/S Noise Reduction' deck to minimize distortion and noise that produced within the magnetic tape recording. Output in real stereo in that case the source is recorded as such.  If the captured audio is peaked or very low than audible, those can be tweaked or compressed down to normal level. Any constant noise throughout the track can also be minimized. 

Digital format could be Uncompressed or Compressed, WAV, FLAC, ALAC, AIFF, AAC, MP3, WMA... 

Splitting into tracks can be done as the audio is captured as Digital Format and not directly to CD's. And so we have full control over the format. 




USPS/UPS/FEDEX or Cloud Storage

Ship to us via any carrier

Processed at MCH

Shipped back to you or shared via Cloud

If you prefer to ship your media, please do so as it may be convenient for you. Sometimes for us too. Pack and ship to us via any carrier

with Tracking and Signature confirmation. Check with us before doing that and any questions you may have. All the packages are kept under our premise and your materials are never sent out as outsourcing. We assure your valuables are protected and to be safe.

Once the package reaches us, we will let you know about the contents in the package and the duration to finish the process. Any media info could be tracked only at the time of the process and not beforehand. But any information regarding the process will be updated to you periodically via e-mail. 

After the process is done, we will ship back your media to you along with the processed materials. The return package will have tracking info and the signature confirmation will be added if you want. 

We can upload the processed materials and share it to you via Dropbox. You may don't need to ship back your media in some cases and so sharing via online will be a best option. Uploading on to your cloud account could also be done by providing login info.